RC Amateur Clubs

Remote Control “RC” Amateur clubs, have spread to the world since the beginning of companies in providing RC aircrafts, they have become common in most countries, Joining the club will teach you the hobby well and become flying in your aircraft legally, The club offers races and challenges between pilots making the place full of adrenaline, and having a great place to fly freely,  you can build new friendships and There is no need to worry about radio interference because the club regulates frequencies perfectly and build the best aircrafts, all for a small fee every year.

Some countries, like America, have thousands of clubs in the states. While some countries prohibit the use of remote control aircraft for security reasons. Some activities and advantages offered by most RC Amateur Clubs:

  • Flying in large spaces (No narrow places because they weaken the hobby).
  • Competition privileges and local and international competitions.
  • Provide protection tools for the pilot (Head protection).
  • Maintenance service and provide extra equipment such as lipo batteries, motors .. etc
  • Subscribe to Aviation magazines and get free brochures.
  • Some clubs offer partial or full insurance for some aircraft models.
  • Sometimes clubs limit you to certain flight speed and weight, while some do not.
  • RC Amateur club gives you the advantages of flying by internal combustion engines, While some countries block this type of aircraft.
  • Read the instructions of your club for more details but surely clubs are the best choice for pilots rather than public areas such as parks or houses.

If you from the USA To find the nearest RC Clubs around you use club finder from Academy of Model Aeronautics AMA. If you from another country use RC Universe.

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