RC Airplane Types

We have studied previously General Aircraft Classifications where we studied all kinds of aircraft (Lighter Than Air, Heavier Than Air and more) that were made. then studied RC Aircraft Classifications Where we studied all kinds of remote control aircraft (RC Plane, RC Drone, RC Gliders and more) Now we will study all RC Airplane Specifically aircraft with wings that available in markets or you can build a workshop or home. These are the types of RC Airplane:

RC Trainer Airplane

When you decide to enter the world of remote control airplane and own your own plane You certainly don’t want to lose your plane quickly because of inexperience in flying and Control the plane so came the idea of training planes this type of airplanes is intended for beginners So he can learn the hobby well and move on to more fun planes. Training planes usually come with remote control of no more than five channels So that controls the:

  • Motor throttle to increase or decrease the motor speed.
  • Rudder to turn the plane on the Yaw axis.
  • Elevator to turn the plane on the pitch axis.
  • Ailerons to turn the plane on multiple axes and Lift force.
  • Sometimes Flaps To fly at low speed especially for landing.

Certainly, because it is a training plane, it contains technical systems and sensors that help to stabilize the plane in the air, the systems are as follows:

  • Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope or (SAFE™) – This technique has proven its worth in teaching new pilots It can help the pilot to control and achieve high stability, but it certainly does not affect the pilot’s orders they offer multiple options in assisting pilots, For example, it is used to reduce the sharp of landing and the stall angle You can change their settings or separate them completely.
  • Gyroscope – The choice of sensors for your aircraft is not compulsory, but if you want to feel like you are in a real plane and make the fun at its peak you should study the sensors that you may use to build your own plane, and it is possible to choose many sensors available in the markets such as the distance sensor to know how high your plane When the temperature rises, the cooling system works automatically, or you can use the rain sensor. When the first drop of water appears, the plane gives you an alarm to Hayes landing (because rainwater destroys the motor) and you can certainly use a sensitive gyroscope to balance the plane so The gyroscope helps maintain the position of the aircraft’s, Each aircraft in flight, constantly encounter many forces coming from different directions, such as gravity, wind, etc. that affect the drift of the aircraft yaw, pitch, and roll. The gyroscope needs to face these forces almost immediately, to maintain its stability or hover stable.
  • Barometric pressure – A measure that measures changes in altitude. The working principle of the barometer is to convert atmospheric pressure to altitude. The pressure sensor can detect the Earth’s atmospheric pressure. Data from the Barometer helps in-plane navigation and achieving the desired altitude. Accurate data on the ascent and descent speeds are extremely vital for flight control.

RC Gliders

This may be a limited type of planes, but this is the cheapest aircraft of all types of aircraft is like a kite, but you can control two channels or a maximum of 3 channels but without a motor. This plane needs elevated places with hot and cold airflow. But this aircraft is not much desirable because it is for unsustainable flying, meaning that the aircraft quickly becomes at a low level, it will fall because there is no motor. However, these aircraft are available in large sizes and beautiful shapes. They feature long wings for more airflow to achieve the laws of aerodynamics.  It is free from auxiliary systems, we can say it is suitable for beginners and hobbyists. Even manufacturers have developed these planes to RC powered gliders So you can fly more distances and altitudes.

Jet RC

Jet planes are very fast planes for professional amateurs in the world of remote aviation this aircraft features large shapes and sizes to suit large speeds and Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) Where the number of RPM is too high for the plane to achieve high speeds and the motor has 5-12 blades. this type of plane is expensive and blocked in some countries because they are really dangerous and are not suitable for public places or beginner pilots. This airplane comes with one motor but is usually equipped with two motors (one motor per wing) and is equipped with many control channels this plane is made of composite materials to withstand difficult weather conditions. In general, if you want to have such a plane, you need the security approval imposed by some countries and good experience in flying and choosing where to allow the use of this aircraft such as RC clubs and a lot of money to cover the costs of building the RC Jet Airplane. The number of channels that can be used in RC Jet Airplane is personal due to the vision and capabilities of the pilot and we can control additional things as follows:

  • Landing Gear.
  • Measurement and test of plane systems (motor temperature, altitude and wind direction).
  • Locate the aircraft using GPS.
  • Flight Status Data Display and smart sensors. 

RC scale plane

This type of aircraft can be up to 3 meters long, It’s really a plane that resembles a real aircraft but a remote control plane building a plane like this can cost you a four-digit number of dollars. This plane is not much different from other airplanes, but it is a pleasant experience when flying in a large body this aircraft will need a large lipo battery and a large Brushless DC Motor and modern techniques to control, You can visit your nearest club to give you instructions. usually, come with remote control of unlimited channels.


These planes are designed for people who love warplanes The shape of the planes is quite similar to those that were fighting in wars like World War I and II But of course this plane is not a fighter, it only has a beautiful shape for those who love military aircraft Usually this plane is painted green or oily. come with a remote control Multi-channel according to electrical and mechanical capabilities

RC Micro Plane

Some prefer to fly by a small plane not exceeding 10 inches and It weighs very little less than 100 grams, Beautiful in this type is its cheap price and is suitable for public places and home use. But a little bit of airflow will lose control of the plane. These aircraft may contain different control systems such as ESC Because we need new electronic systems to be lighter, this type of aircraft suitable for kids Usually you can’t develop on a plane, unlike other types. usually, come with remote control of no more than three channels So that controls the:

  • Motor throttle to increase or decrease the motor speed.
  • Rudder to turn the plane on the Yaw axis.
  • Ailerons to turn the plane on multiple axes and Lift force.

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