RC Airplane Structure

The RC Airplane Structure contains many components in this tutorial We will explain the available parts and their characteristics, but you need to know these points well:

  • Your choice of the part should be thoughtful, for example when choosing a wing it should be compatible with the wing calculations we studied.
  • You should put in the calculations of the weights of the Airplane parts.
  • It is difficult to know the total weight of the Airplane except by knowing which parts you will choose well.
  • The pieces should fit in with the other parts so that they can install them without having to break, drill or weld I it is good to calculate Factor Safety for electrical parts. Now we will begin to study the parts that companies provide for amateurs.


The Fuselage usually comes without wings and tail (Stabilizer & Rudder) not even takeoff and landing equipment, Just have a planned place to install the wings and enough space to put the electronics inside Fuselage and place in the foreground dedicated to the motor or engine. Fuselage types vary according to dimensions, weight, material, blanks and the possibility of attaching accessories. Some materials withstand vibrations, shocks, and temperatures, and some do not.


Tips before buying:

  • The fuselage is the main piece in your airplane so make sure to choose good types very close to the dimensions of your engineering design.
  • Choose a Fuselage that allows you to develop other pieces later that are basic (wing) or secondary (Cockpit), such as if you want to upgrade the wing you can easily replace it, some Fuselage are not allowed to install different sizes.
  • Choose a streamlined shape that allows airflow according to the aerodynamics laws we have already studied.
  • Very lightweight and heavyweight are undesirable.


The process of selecting the wings is a systematic and deliberate process to obtain components of a balanced plane. To choose the wing you need to design the aircraft properly according to the design conditions of the wing that we studied, you know that the wing is responsible for lifting the aircraft. 

Tips before buying:

  • Do not recommend making a wing manually at home, because the wing is a sensitive component important to fly and get max lift force.
  • Some think the longer the wing length works to increase the lifting force, this is true only if the design of all airplanes compatible with the length. So do not increase the length without studying otherwise it will be overweight!.
  • Increasing a few grams of weight for a plane may lose your pleasure.
  • Choose the wing that supports ailerons and flaps.


The tail from sensitive parts use to balance and steering the airplane, so the tail must be consistent with the wing, you know the tail is like a wing but smaller and it must be streamlined.


Tips before buying:

  • like wing does not recommend making a tail manually at home, because the tail is a sensitive component.
  • Choose the wing that supports the rudder and elevator. 

Landing Gear

Be careful when you choose Landing Gear quality Surely you don’t want to lose your plane when you land, Some systems remain outside the fuselage and some bend into the fuselage and there are systems to land on the water.

Tips before buying:

  • Choose a type that bears more weight than your airplane to avoid overloading and crashing.
  • The appearance of the landing system outside the fuselage affects the speed and movements of the airplane so choose a type that can be joined landing in the fuselage.
  • The mobile landing system is a servo motor so it chose good characteristics for servo like torque.
  • Choose large wheels so the plane can take off and land from a grass runway or sands.


Of course, we might need a plane to make it look like the real plane Here it is nice to choose a cockpit And even some pilots are buying a small pilot to put in the plane, do not be surprised! It’s really a big hobby. That aviation enthusiasts have taken our minds as children. But inevitably I can say that this hobby is not just for children! Make sure that the sizes are in conformity with the version of your fuselage. 


But this pilot will certainly not control the plane, it is just a small game placed inside the cockpit i consider it a nice addition for RC Aircrafts hoppy. 


We do not like to neglect the motor of the airplane without a good installation in place, this piece can be a primary or secondary source to install the motor or even cosmetic.

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