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The process of selecting remote control aircraft is important and the aircraft must be selected according to the skills of the pilot, Manufacturers of remote control aircraft have worked on classified aircraft. In this course, we will study all kinds of remote control aircraft and we will discuss the reasons for the growth of this hobby and compare how it was in the past and how it is now. In the past, the cost of owning any RC Aircraft cost you a four-digit number The hobby was very expensive and limited to a few amateurs, and the aircraft was making a loud noise and there were a few companies that make this type of aircraft, because of the lack of suitable engines and parts, you need to wait months to build your aircraft The available engines were  Gasoline engines need fuel difficult to control it remotely, heavyweight, annoying voice, high price and not allow some countries to use it. But after the advent of electric motors, The hobby has become excellent. The electric motors have provided higher efficiency, less weight, less noise, costing only a few dollars and companies are competing in the field of remote control aircraft we see them in every store in the world.

Choosing the type of first RC Aircraft is confusing, regardless of your age we will explain all the main types and subtypes so you can choose which model you will buy or make by yourself (beginner aircraft, pro, sport, speed .. etc).

RC Plane

One of the oldest remote control aircraft it was this magnificent aircraft that was originally a mechanical engine, but the companies designed electric motors for it. this aircraft can fly large distances and very quickly and perform simple sports movements the matters in this aircraft is the wing and tail design and center of gravity and the exact dimensions between the parts of the plane can be in one or more motors. the most important components of the airplane:

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  1. Power Source – LIPO Battery.
  2. Thrust – Electrical Motor.
  3. Transmitter unit.
  4. Receiver unit.
  5. ESC (Electronic Speed Controller).
  6. Fuselage include (Cockpit, Cowl, Landing Gear) , Stabilizers and RuddeWings.

The following pictures show the different types and sizes of the ِAirplane:

RC Gliders

We have previously studied in a General Aircraft Classifications Article about gliders and types in detail, in fact, RC Gliders are no different from real gliders in both cases they need hot air currents and do not need an engine or motor. But if you have to use this type of aircraft you should use it in high places with good air winds. in Glider Aircraft only wings and tail are controlled by remote control as there is no throttle. This is one of the cheapest remote control aircraft that can be built or purchased. 

RC Helicopters

This amateur plane appeared in the 1990s, Helicopters are wonderful small-sized planes favored by many amateurs because they are more aircraft that can be used in public parks and home!. The helicopter has different aerodynamic properties than an airplane. also called the Hover aircraft This aircraft can be designed with two or more blades. This aircraft is suitable for young and beginners because it is easy to control so that it has stability assistance systems. It does not need a wing and is stable in the air and does not need a runway.

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RC Drone

One of the most famous aircraft in the world for photographers, amateurs, clubs, and even rescue and delivery operations. Drones are classified as quad aircraft it can be 4 blads, 6 or more rarely maybe 3 blads. This is one of the most stable aircraft in the air even with large weights The aircraft is equipped with advanced technical capabilities such as cameras, infrared, night vision and GPS so you can take aerial photographs of the city Drone and helicopter are usually equipped with systems that help the aircraft to stabilize such as gyroscope, compass and accelerometer you should know that these systems do not control the aircraft, but help to balance it this process is called trim. The drones characterize modern control systems such as FPV and phone control.

The following pictures show the different types and sizes of the RC ِDrones:


RTF RC Which means Ready To Fly, when you decide to buy a remote control plane shops show you different aircraft types(Airplane, Helicopter) with an encoding called pilot skills level it is important. RTF It is the first level for novice pilots in the hobby It is the cheapest and easiest to fly The aircraft is ready to fly and is easy to install but the downside of these aircrafts is that they have limited capabilities and you can control a few servo motors you can only control the engine, wings, and tail, you can not add more moving elements of the plane because it is very limited, for a good one to start the hobby at a cheap price, be assured if the plane crashed, after learning the flying skills you will move to a more exciting stage called ARF.

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ARF RC Which means Almost Ready to Fly, Manufacturers offer this type of aircraft for people who like to assemble pieces from scratch, so all the pieces come separate and sometimes you need to buy a separate motor You can adjust the plane to become as you want, and some also allow you to double the possibilities of the mechanical and electrical aircraft.


when you buy an RTF RC aircraft components comes in package including the remote control, motors, ESC and LIPO Battery to start to fly with it but ARF RC aircraft you need to buy the components separately and collect it yourself. now, what is the PNP? PNP aircraft have motor, ESC and other components but without transmitter, receiver and LIPO Battery so you need to buy them separately. This type is excellent for people who want to own more than one aircraft, they can use the same transmitter, receiver, and battery.


BNF is different from PNP except in the receiver unit, This means that all components of the aircraft are available except the transmitter and batter. You will need to buy a transmitter unit compatible with DSM2/DSMX. Note that the link between the transmitter and the receiver using the Rx and Tx technique.

RC Jet

If you are looking for racing and high speeds and a lot of adrenaline that jet planes are the perfect choice It is the fastest plane of all types we have studied, The engine or motor of this aircraft can produce a large of RPM(Revolution per minute) The shape and configuration of the engine differs from other motors which are called (EDF) refer to Electric Ducted Fan. So that the motor has more blades. But avoid using the aircraft in public places because of the danger and noise and do not fly without experience in flight is the most expensive and most dangerous.

The following pictures show the RC ِJet :

Float Aircraft’s

Some aircraft can fly and land from the surface of the water which is fitted in float body, Some amateurs are practicing hobby near lakes and it is necessary to use float body to floats on the water, one of the downsides of this aircraft is the phenomenon of surface tension between the fuselage and the surface of the water, so the motor needs more energy to overcome the force of surface tension to fly in the air.

The following pictures show types  of the RC ِFloat:

Micro Aircraft’s

They are a special type of aircraft for young people, They are lightweight aircraft that are inexpensive but run out of battery quickly, are affected by winds and have limited flight Capabilities. There are some types that can be charged by remote control battery without the need to charge the Lipo battery with a special charger, it’s really a suitable home aircraft that does not exceed 20 cm in length so don’t worry if you fall or hit things.

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The following picture show type of the RC ِMicro Aircraft:

Gasoline Aircraft’s

One of the oldest remotely-controlled aircraft is the mechanical engine, which is powered by fuel but requires a considerable cost. Professionals use this type of aircraft but need licenses, this type of aircraft is harmful to the environment because of gases and noise. This type of aircraft gives you the feeling of driving a real aircraft, the sound of the engine sounds great for some hobbyists, but the accidents of these aircraft may be fatal! Therefore we prefer to be very careful to use this type and take precautions in protecting the pilot’s head.

Finally, you can choose the type of aircraft that you will buy or make yourself, in this site we will help you, now choose your favorite aircraft to begin your journey :

  1. RC Airplane.
  2. RC Drone.

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