Electric Ducted Fan (EDF)

Electric Ducted Fan, Electric motor for professional amateurs in remote aviation this motor can drive blades at very high RPM, This motor is equipped with a nozzle like real jet engines. This motor is used in sports, scale, very speed RC Aircrafts but sometimes used in gliders. Consists of special Brushless DC Motor and fan with blades (5-12 blades) Blade dimensions and motor speed vary according to technical specifications, This motor is able to rotate the blades very quickly so gives high KV. This motor does not produce gases, it is completely electric and is quiet without noise. Usually consists of the following elements:

  • Special Brushless DC Motor (High KV).
  • Fan with blades (5-12 blades).
  • Nozzle – To take out the air very quickly.
  • Composite material frame to get high strength.

EDF Motor Specifications

When you purchase a motor there are some considerations that must be considered to be the chosen motor properly, Here are the specifications to consider: 

  • High KV – You must choose high KV to get the highest RPM because the primary purpose of this motor is high speed.
  • No. of cells (LiPo) – You will notice that the choice of the Lipo battery will be multi-cell and must be careful here there is some risk in dealing with electronic elements.
  • Blade and cover material.
  • Aerodynamics geometry and airflow.
  • EDF total Weight and Motor Weight
  • Dimensions for all components.
  • Max continuous current and continuous power.
  • Max Voltage and Max Thrust (How many grams)
  • Recommend ESC.
  • Stator length, Shaft diameter and Stator diameter.
  • Sometimes the efficiency of the motor is clearly present.


The choice of an EDF motor is no different from that of a Brushless DC Motor, for example, we will study this product from Amazon (XCSOURCE 64mm Ducted 5-Rotor Fan) it contains the following specifications:

General shape and Dimensions : 

Voltage Constant 4500KV Brushless Outrunner Motor
Ideal currentAt 10V: 1.8A
No. of cells (LiPo)3S equal to 11.1 Volts
Max continuous current27 Amp
Max continuous power280 Watts
Recommend ESC35A But for safety we use (40 – 45) Amp
Stator diameter20.2mm
Stator length11mm
Shaft diameter3mm
Max efficiencyMore than 70%

Advantages and disadvantages


  • High-speed Revolutions Per Minute (RPM).
  • High efficiency It may reach 90%.
  • Build high-speed aircrafts.
  • Easy to use like Brushless DC Motor.
  • Withstands temperatures.


  • Heavy weight compared to other motors.
  • Needs a well thought out design for the fuselage and wings.
  • Its many components require periodic maintenance.
  • Expensive 
  • It needs a high lipo battery and ESC AMP. 
  • Not suitable for small aircraft and needs special places to flight.
  • Multiple blades expose the aircraft to more risks while flying.

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