Drone Sensors

When you decide to build a drone, one of these important sensors must be present. The drone sensors are not just cosmetic electronic parts, they are very important components but it needs to be a little programming sometimes. The importance of drone sensors is due to the need for safety and pilot assistance systems, which are essentially electrical sensors that are connected with the electronic controller of the drone. So let’s start to identify the important sensors that must be available when buying or building drones.

Gyroscope sensor

Sometimes called G-Sensor, the gyroscope His job is to maintain the balance of the aircraft. When the drone deviates on the axes yaw, pitch, and roll many external forces, such as wind and gravity, are faced, and the gyroscope sensor will maintain the stability of the aircraft from these forces The gyroscope sends the information to the electronic controller to take the correct speeds for the drone motors. The following figure shows the Triple Axis Gyroscope Sensor

Triple Axis Gyro
Triple Axis Gyro


The way the accelerometer works is to calculate the force of gravity. So if he feels that the force of attraction is forward, he knows that you are moving forward, the same is the case if you move backward, and so on. The sensor has three up / left / right axes that draw together the direction in which they travel. The accelerometer alone is not suitable for determining altitude changes over distances, so it is used next to the gyroscope. If the accelerometer is not calibrated correctly, the drone flight may become unsafe. The following figure shows the ADXL335 Accelerometer Sensor:

ADXL335 Accelerometer Sensor
ADXL335 Accelerometer Sensor


Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope or (SAFE™) – This technique has proven its worth in teaching new pilots It can help the pilot to control and achieve high stability, but it certainly does not affect the pilot’s orders they offer multiple options in assisting pilots, For example, it is used to reduce the sharp of landing and the stall angle You can change their settings or separate them completely.


Now all you have to do is buy Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensor and Combine them with your drone so keep your flight safe.

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