Drone Frames

We have already studied the How Drone Fly and we learned about its huge possibilities and how it works. In fact, when you consider building a remote control plane, the drone is the easiest structure you can build, Choosing a frame is the first step in building your private Drone. you need a frame and 4 motors. But when you decide that you will build the structure manually, be careful not to collide the fan blades with each other and the distances are equal between the fans and the base But before we get started, let’s find out what we are focusing on to get a model drone:

1 – The speed of the drone.
2 – maneuverability of the drone.
3 – Weight of the drone.
4 – Control distance between transmitter and receiver.
5 – Number of remote control channels.
6 – flight time (depending on battery efficiency).
7 – Pilot auxiliary systems (eg gyroscope and SAFE).
8 – The duration of charging the battery and all related to the characteristics related to it.
9 – bearing the airframe for different load types (see Drone Aerodynamics).
10. Availability of spare parts (for maintenance purposes).
11 – Noise Some countries have laws to limit certain noise.
12 – Radio interference (may expose your drone to penetration).
13 – Stability of the drone.
14 – Dimensions of the drone(dimensions of design).
15 – Safety factor in the selection of electrical parts especially ESC and Drone motor.
16 – Flexibility of moving pieces and non-exposure of the drone to combustion.


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Characteristics of Drone Frame

In order for your choice of frame to be true it is not enough that the dimensions are correct and you get the required form so you must meet all or some of these specifications:

  • Weight – Don’t lose pleasure due to overweight in your Deone.
  • Streamline Shape – Stay away from completely enclosed shapes. You need airflow through the frame to achieve the laws of aerodynamics.
  • A number of frame elements – Avoid frame that has many unnecessary pieces as it will cause excessive weight and may cause noise if it is not well installed.
  • Choose to be a good material to resist vibration, shock and motor heat.
  • The body must be rigid.

In general, in the world of drone, there are two basic of frames you should know that frame selection is important to know the fan selection, and now we will study them.

Square Drone Frame

This is the most common type where the frame is square, meaning that all dimensions of the frame are equal, however, there are many shapes, but we rely on the design of the 4-motor drone because it is the most common. However, when you decide that you will build the structure manually, be careful not to collide the fan blades with each other and the distances are equal between the fans and the frame as follows:

Square Drone Frame
Square Drone Frame

The quadcopter (Drone) frame length determines the maximum fan size that you can use. This can be easily determined by taking the smallest length or width of the frame in the Drone and dividing it by 2. Then you need to make this a little smaller to provide rotational flow between adjacent fans for not overlapping. for example, if your frame is 25 cm x 25 cm, you will need a fan of 25 / 2 which equals 12.5 for safety you will use 10 or 11 cm depending on the dimensions available in the market.

Rectangular Drone Frame

The second type of frames is a rectangular frame, Some tend to get large drone sizes so that they can install additional components such as GPS or transport goods. In this frame, the dimensions are uneven and can be installed more than 4 motors, but in our study focus on (quadrone) This means 4 motors. the frame as follows:

rectangular Drone Frame
Rectangular Drone Frame

For a rectangular frame, you take the smaller dimension of length or width, in which case it is clearly Y, and divide by two, that is, Y / 2. The process of choosing the dimensions of the frame is as easy as you have seen. Now after you get the frame you can move on to the following lessons:

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