Airplane Motor Cooling

After several minutes of flying in your remote control airplane, you will see the motor temperature rising (if you use the motor temperature sensor and screen monitor) Overheating is one of the main causes of airplane motor destruction. Overheating will damage the motor even if it does not burn, it will decrease its lifespan and reduce its efficiency!. So for save motor and keep motor in standard temperature In this article, we will examine the causes of overheating and how to solve the problem. 

Reasons of motor overheating

The motor temperature is important to ensure that it works in a correct and efficient way. In fact, the motor has a certain temperature to work with, so too much or too little heat affects the engine, We must maintain the ideal engine temperature, The reasons for the motor overheating are:

  • One of the most important reasons to choose the bad weather conditions and we mean this flight in the hot weather more than 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Poor selection of electronic parts and the most important ESC It is important to choose a good brand to ensure that you get the right voltage and currents that match the throttle.
  • Excessive throttle opening since the beginning of the flight we recommend that you always open the throttle gradually to avoid heat and damage to the motor due to the design of brushes.
  • Choose motors without looking at the safety factor for example, if the weight of the aircraft is 2kg, then choosing an engine carrying 4kg is an extremely important option.
  • Fly for a long time, even if your lipo battery capacity is large you should take care of the flight time and be suitable with the conditions of your motor and other electronic parts.
  • Misuse of electric brakes and intended engine, use mechanical brakes like flaps or together.
  • Do not regulate the internal elements, you should leave a small distance between the electronic parts because all the parts rise temperature during flight.
  • Lack of airflow to the fuselage.

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How to reduce motor heat?

Well, we have learned about the causes of overheating. We have to study how to protect the motor from overheating, There are several techniques to do this, but remember that cooling the motor is optional, not mandatory, but effective to keep the engine and your airplane save, to cool the motor we use:

1 – Design vents inside the fuselage to allow airflow to the motor site, but the vents should be good to enter the air and avoid large vents because it will destroy the aircraft, This is called mechanical ventilation.

2 – Cooling using Fins which expel hot air away from the motor also called by Heat Sink, There are two types of fins, one without a cooling fan and the other one with a cooling fan (need +5Vcc), It can be installed on all kinds of electric motors, it comes in different sizes.

3 – Cooling using Water-pump Fins Maybe this method is a little more complicated but really effective,  In these fins, we use water so that the airplane has a small water tank and a small pump (need +5Vcc), Sometimes we use a radiator but for jet aircraft.

4 – The last method of cooling motors may be expensive and rare but the best and most efficient in cooling They use electric motors that cool the internal water, so that water enters the inside of the motor components without causing any damage This type of motor is called by brushless motor internal water cooling.

Disadvantages of motor cooling

We know that engine cooling increases engine efficiency and age, but there are some Disadvantages:

  • Extra weight especially when using water cooling, you need pipes, tank and pump.
  • More programming This means more use of processor memory in the airplane.
  • More consumption of lipo battery, This means less flight time.
  • Fear of water leakage to electrical parts, so the use of motor cooling methods is only for experts and large airplanes that use motors That need cooling.

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